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Meet the Team: Raji Ramanan

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Today, we are getting to know Raji Ramanan:

What is your role at Georgetown? How long have you been working here?

I am the assistant dean of career management for executive degree programs, which has three main components. First, I serve as an executive coach and provide career coaching for both current executive degree students as well as alumni. My second responsibility is to do career development sessions that cover topics pertaining to leadership assessment and development. My third responsibility is to manage our team of career coaches and plan events and networking opportunities. I have been at Georgetown for nearly one year.

What do you enjoy most about working in executive education?

The entire experience is very rewarding because I get to meet with a lot of current students and alumni. Many students tell me it is the first time someone has talked to them concretely about their careers in the context of their journey and personal evolution in an organized and structured way.

I enjoy providing students and alumni with the guidance that they require to make use of the academic knowledge and experiences they get at Georgetown so that they can apply them to their jobs and in their search for premium careers. I think this is another part that doesn’t come to the forefront often and my whole joy is unearthing their potential and finding the right spot for them.

I’ve heard that you have lived and worked all around the world. What has been your favorite place to live so far?

I would say Singapore because it is really a melting pot in several aspects. First is that it is definitely a melting pot of different cultures, and secondly, the growth and evolution that is happening in that part of the world is something very exciting. The pace at which things work there is incredible.

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