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Research: Employees’ Internal Social Networks Can Predict Turnover

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Conventional wisdom says the more connections you have in your professional network, the more successful you will be.  When a worker has more connections, it means he or she is more likely to receive information and more likely to be promoted. Decades of research haven’t gone far beyond the “more is better” mantra until now.

New research by Brooks Holtom, associate professor of management at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, finds that who you are connected to matters most.

“The degree to which an individual is connected to people with strong, positive reputations means it is less likely for them to leave their current job,” Holtom said. “It is hard to replicate that social network when you move to a new firm. It can be done, but it will take months or years to develop those relationships of trust with people who have strong reputations.”

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