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Research: The Impact of Social TV

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In a recent study, Georgetown McDonough’s David Schweidel explores the relationship between television advertising, social TV, and online traffic and sales at retailers. Specifically, he and fellow researchers ask, “Are television shows that generate high levels of social TV beneficial for advertisers?” and “How can television advertising increase online shopping?”

Schweidel, a professor of marketing at Georgetown McDonough, and Beth Fossen, an assistant professor of marketing at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, conducted the study “Social TV, Advertising, and Sales: Are Social Shows Good for Advertisers,” currently under review at Marketing Science:

“This study suggests that television shows that spur high levels of social TV are beneficial for advertisers in terms of driving online traffic and online shopping. If the advertisement strikes either an emotional or funny mood, then it can be effective at drawing in viewers’ attention and circumventing the potential negative impacts of multi-screen distraction during viewing. The study results underscore that media multitasking by television viewers is not necessarily a bad thing for advertisers. Rather, it must be approached strategically.”

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