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IBP Students Prepare to Present Final Projects

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Students in the inaugural cohort of the M.A. in International Business and Policy (IBP) program are preparing to present their social action projects. Under the mentorship of a faculty member, students research and develop an experiential field project that benefits or inspires social change and applies knowledge gained in the classroom to a real-world problem or issue in the student’s own community or the world.

The 27 students were introduced to the projects at the start of the program in January, and have been working on them independently and with their faculty advisers throughout the year. The 13 projects range in topic, including economic development, global trade, and sustainability.

“Students are encouraged to consider how the international business and policy frameworks learned through participation in the program and engagement with faculty and fellow IBP students can be applied and given personal meaning through self-reflections regarding personal goals and values,”  said Michael Ryan, adjunct professor at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. ”The social action project enables integration of the curriculum and its analytic frameworks with ‘real-world’ challenges and opportunities of organizations making public policy, doing international business, and providing  social services in economically and socially sustainable ways.

The students will share their work during the final module in early December and will graduate from the program on Dec. 9.


By Carolyn Kirshe

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