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[Webinar] Conducting effective meetings in the digital era

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According to a recent Gallup Panel survey conducted among U.S. adults, 81 percent of smartphone users say that they keep their phones near them almost all the time, including 11 percent who check it every few minutes and 41 percent who check it a few times an hour.

This constant connectivity often becomes a challenge for business professionals trying to conduct meetings while also competing with technology for participants’ attention. Shy of forcing everyone to turn off their devices completely, which for many is unrealistic, how can one ensure a productive and efficient meeting?

Jeanine Turner, Ph.D., associate professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, recently led a webinar presented by The Office of Executive Education and Ivy Exec, entitled “Creating Productive Meeting Presence.” The webinar is now available to view below or on the Ivy Exec blog.

Turner explores ways to create effective meeting presence in a digital age when people are constantly connected to their devices. She highlights the importance of communicating presence on a “moment-by-moment basis” and adds that “physical presence” is often secondary to “relevancy” as the driving factor in any meeting.

Creating Productive Meeting Presence from Ivy Exec on Vimeo.

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