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As Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, I’m privileged to work with leading business executives from around the world through our degree and certificate programs. Our programs are successful in large part due to an incredible team of faculty.

While our faculty certainly excels at teaching, I’m often blown away by their passion and excitement when they talk about their research in numerous areas of business and management. Research makes our faculty members tick and we are privileged to have so many thought leaders as colleagues. Through their research, our faculty members chart new territory in the complex and ever-changing business landscape and their work has real-world applications for practitioners in every industry. Our goal with Executive Wisdom is to share their expertise with you.

As an executive, you are quite busy. We understand the demands on your time and resources. That’s why we started this blog – to share snapshots of useful information that are quick and easy-to-digest while you are on the go. We think you’ll find value in the posts you read here and hope you find ways to apply what you read to your own organization. Initially, we aim to post new findings and ideas every few weeks. We hope you’ll check back with us periodically, follow Executive Wisdom in your RSS feed reader, and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

As I teach in my Strategy class, don’t just play the game…change the game. Our faculty members are changing the game and we’re excited to share their research with you.

Paul Almeida
Professor of Strategy and International Business
Senior Associate Dean, Executive Education

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4 Responses

  1. Rishi Mallesh says:

    Dear Paul and the Exec Education team, Goodluck with this effort. Look forward to some great insights.

  2. Santiago Burgada says:

    Very nice iniciative, Congratulations!

  3. Johnny Toma says:

    Thank you for this initiative as my CIM cohort embarks on our third module in Shanghai. All the best.

  4. Mark Mathewson says:

    Nice. Thanks for doing this Paul. Best of luck with the new program.

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